Saturday, March 19, 2005

Yahoo! Toolbar Gets to Know RSS

Yahoo! Toolbar for IE (v5.6) now detects RSS/Atom feeds just like its toolbar sibling for Mozilla Firefox.

The toolbar uses RSS Autodiscovery to detect feeds. To make sure feeds on your web site are detected, just add the following to the of your web pages:

And when we say FEED TITLE we mean the name of your site PLUS the specific area of your site (e.g. Engadget: Gaming). When a user clicks the button it will say something like "Subscribe to Engadet: Gaming."

Get To Know Your Toolbar
Here are some other power user features that are useful for many folks:

  • Drag and drop any text on the page into the toolbar search box to search the web.
  • Press Alt-S to instantly put the cursor focus into the toolbar search box.
  • Right-click any toolbar button or menu item to open its destination in a new window.
  • Use Search This Site button to get results only for the current web site. See Toolbar Options


    Duke Fan
    Yahoo! Toolbar Product Manager

  • Thursday, March 17, 2005

    Can Google mop up with Ajax?

    Search giant shows that rich Web applications can be built from older tech. At risk: Flash, Java and even Microsoft. Read more here.

    Monday, March 14, 2005

    Can You Outsource Innovation?

    is asking interesting questions about outsourcing innovation in this week's issue.

    "R&D used to be treated as one big black box," says Vivek Paul, CEO of Indian info-tech services giant Wipro Technologies (WIT ), whose contract R&D service employs 8,000 engineers. "Now, companies are deconstructing the whole R&D chain, sorting out what's strategic and what's not."

    To help provide answers, Parametric Technology (PTC), a Needham, (Mass.) producer of collaborative design software for 31,000 clients worldwide, commissioned a study of a typical R&D workforce of a typical electronics company. It concluded that about 30% of the jobs were "portable," meaning companies could shift them offshore. (From: R&D Jobs: Who Stays, Who Goes?)

    Is there a point of no-return with offshoring and outsourcing?

    Saturday, March 12, 2005

    Flexible-screen phone in 2007...

    Or so they say. Philips Polymer Vision is reportedly making great strides in producing a flexible screen for phones. When you want to view a larger screen than the tiny external display on your phone, you can unfurl your phone's flexible screen like a scroll. Not only will this scroll screen be a boon to wizards, it can also provide a 320 x 240-pixel image, making it better (but not entirely good) for viewing documents and web pages on your phone. Rumor has it that this new screen could be ready in as little as two years. We think it'll show up around the time that your refrigerator begins talking to your dishwasher via Bluetooth and all of your monetary needs are taken care of by the Intergalactic Federation.

    Future Now: Wrist Video

    So, it took us 40+ years to come from Dick Tracy's imaginary wrist radio to Israeli Army's very real wrist video, developed by Tadiran Spectralink. The screens display video shot by unmanned airplanes. "We are fulfilling the science fiction movies that we see," said Itzhak Beni, chief executive of the Elisra Group's Tadiran Electronic Systems and Tadiran Spectralink companies.
    -- Associated Press via Engadget

    Adverting Robots

    A Japanese firm Flower Robotics has developed a mannequin robot that can strike a pose for customers - and spy on who they are and what they're buying.

    "Mannequins have been static but this will pose for the nearest person by sensing his or her position," robot designer Tatsuya Matsui told a news conference. The robot would be able to judge the age and sex of shoppers and even identify the bags they are carrying and pass along the information to stores for marketing purposes.